The Number One Least Asked Question in Social Media…Why?

When Brian Solis asked, “Why do you think it is that people line up for Apple products when they’re released?”, it really got me thinking. I’m one of those people who wants new apple products like a kid in a candy store – wide-eyed, impossible to resist. So taking that thought an applying it to the members I’m trying to serve….

The Number One Least Asked Question in Social Media…Why? - Brian Solis

The number one least asked question in social media is also the most important…

 Asking “why” in all aspects of business and life in general is unexploited. Day in and day out I help businesses understand the opportunity that lies within new media, not because of Twitter or Facebook. I do so because opportunity is pervasive in the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere. We just have yet to really understand for what reason.

Report after report, post after post, conference after conference, I am inundated with examples of social media success. Except success is difficult to assess, unless we look at the numbers, sentiment, clickthroughs, and outcomes. Rarely do I see studies, although they are out there, that ask the social customer what they value and why.

In 1964 Marshall McLuhan proposed in his book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, that the “medium is the message.” His observation was that the medium, not the content it disseminates, requires attention and study. He believed that the medium shapes society based on the characteristics of the medium itself. As Twitter, Facebook, et al. cultivate a dedicated egosystem and supporting culture, McLuhan’s theory is still valid. In an era where information is democratized and influence is equalized, the message is now also the medium. There are prevailing cultures unique to each social network. What you create for Twitter is different than what you might say in Facebook and certainly not at all how you would say it in Google+. That’s the point. What you say defines not only who you are and what you represent in each network or medium, but it also influences the society at large.

What does your profile or presence say about you? What does it say about who you are in each network? How does it signify the value you introduce into your networks?

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