Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically

The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day. From Forbes online

I loved this article for the sheer simplicity of the suggestions …  and I don’t think it’s just about being a “great leader” but about how to work well with others to advance a common cause.  And, that in turn makes you a great leader, or colleague or boss or employee.  It’s an aim worth pursing and each of the 15 suggestions are simple, easy to employ and needed at different times.

This month, I’m especially working on:

  • “Challenging People to Think”: Come to the Think Tank 2/27/13, pretty please!! Learn, share, plan… TOGETHER. That’s why I created it!! The meeting will include a brief update on the research we’ve gathered on different topics, such as: Syndication, RPR, Regional Meetings, Rentals. You can ask questions and then brainstorm and share information and feedback directly with the current board of directors in a roundtable format.
  • “Avoid Procrastination”: Oh, that ringing phone – my perfect excuse to let difficult projects sit and gather dust. But, when I finally dig in and clear the desk, boy it feels great and is so much easier than the time I took stressing about it!
  • “Measure & Reward Performance” and “Provide Continuous Feedback: I’m always relearning that you’ve got to measure results against a desired outcome and others can’t read my mind to figure out what we’re aiming for when shooting for success. Duh!

I’d like to think I take positive energy with me, help others learn and grow, and lead by example… but I can always improve!  I think it’s worth the 5 minutes to read and think about!

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