The End of Business as Usual

Normally, I don’t promote a book that I haven’t read yet, but I make an exception for Brian Solis’ book, “The End of Business As Usual”.  I’m compelled  to share this book, because I’m a big fan of Brian’s brain… his website is full of free and compelling content and his take on business use of social media is incredibly on target.  His posts always inspire me to think about technology and online interaction as it relates to our business of service – our customers, our clients and ourselves…  And, when I am extremely strapped for time, he offers compelling graphics that speak a thousand words.

So, today I have downloaded this Kindle Book (for my ipad) and will repost with a full review – but until then, to all those who ask me what I read, you have a front row seat!  If you are interested in Brian’s RSS feed or eNews letter, please visit his site directly at



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