Let’s make sure they aren’t called Bored Meetings

A few interesting ways to make our Board Meetings more effective …

Save time.

Use a consent agenda to reduce reports by distributing them in advance and asking for one motion to accept the consent items.

Consistent messaging.

Take 5 minutes at the end of the meeting to decide on the main message that directors should communicate to members. Create an executive summary or ‘One Voice’ and distribute to directors so they deliver consistent messages after each meeting.

Assess meeting effectiveness.

Use the back of the agenda for 1 or 2 questions to ask before the meeting adjourns: a) Did the meeting advance the mission and serve the members; b) What can we do to improve our next board meeting?”

Note: Bob Harris, CAE, offers free governance and management samples at www.nonprofitcenter.com. Bob notes ideas in the “Board Room Blahs” are compiled from “experience and colleagues on ASAE’s listservs.”

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