HEADS-UP! Realtor.com Makes Major Marketing Changes

Realtor.com is making major changes to their lead generation products that surround free property displays.  This program is called “Connections” and agents can now purchase zipcode leads, for listings that are not enhanced with a paid product (agent or broker package). If you pay for an enhansed package, all leads will continue to go directly to you.  All members have the ability to “buy” zip code leads, provided they are in the same MLS.

  1. If you pay to enhance your listings on Realtor.com, your listings will not change (but you have additional marketing opportunities)
  2. If you do NOT pay to enhance your listing on Realtor.com, your free listing display will significantly change.

Inman News had a great article about this with screen shots to help better explain what listings will look like.  Read more on Inman News

Realtor.com info on this change:  Read more on Move.com.

By the way, you should bookmark the website lockbox.realtor.com for all of the news and information directed to marketing and and technology for Realtors… almost impossible to find from the full Realtor.com website. Great tools and information to really delve into the online marketing options available.
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