Dedicated Berkshire News Providers

I like to remind myself every once and a while to take a second an appreciate something that I love that I usually take for granted….  Today it’s the fine Berkshire news I receive from Rural Intelligence and 24/7 Berkshire Nightlife.  I’ll admit I usually stumble upon the websites when I see an interesting article scroll through my Facebook page…. so think about liking them both to get the news delivered right to you too!

Rural Intelligence is well written, interesting and reminds me how lucky I am to live and work in the Berkshires!  Oh, the things to do and see!

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The Berkshires 24/7 is not the prettiest site around, I’ll admit, but the content!!  They do an outstanding job of keeping the Berkshire calendar of events up-to-date, day by day, for every possible entertainment venue.  Hey, when the ladies are desperate to get out for a trivia night, this is where we look.  Suddenly need to tap your toes to live music on a Tuesday night?  Yep, they’ve got you covered.  Looking for a wireless hotspot, even this too is listed.

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