City of Pittsfield Ordinance Takes Effect 1/1/12

The implementation of City of Pittsfield Blight reglations is January 1, 2012. Owners of multifamily units, vacant properties or non-owner occupied residential properties (including foreclosed homes or single family rentals) shall register on an annual basis with the City of Pittsfield. There are many requirements to this new regulation, so please see the following information for more specifics. Further, we’ve received clarification that the exterior posting requirement is to only affect rental properties (any number of units).

Please see the copy of the letter sent to known property owners, real estate agents and our board office. Included in the letter are hyperlinks directly to the online registration form, FAQs and the full ordinance.


Philip Adamo, MD, MPH, Chairman

DATE: October 3, 2011
TO: City of Pittsfield Non- Owner Occupied, Vacant, and/or Abandoned Property Owners
CC:  Lending/Financial Institutions, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers
FROM: Meridith A. O’Leary, Health Director
RE: City ordinance requirement to register residential non-owner occupied residential, abandoned, vacant, and/or foreclosed properties in accordance with the Code of the City of Pittsfield Chapter 3 ½ by no later than January 1st.

Dear Property Owner,

On October 26, 2010, the Pittsfield City Council enacted an Ordinance that requires all owners of non-owner occupied residential, abandoned, vacant, and/or foreclosed properties to register on an annual basis with the Pittsfield Health Department.

The intent of this Ordinance is to protect and preserve public health and safety, security, and the quality of life of all occupants, abutters, and neighborhoods by: (1) requiring all residential property owners, including but not limited to lenders, trustees, and service companies to properly maintain their properties and (2) regulating the maintenance of residential properties to prevent blighted and unsecure residences.

This registration package is being mailed to you based on the City’s records stating that you are the owner of a residential property that is non-owner occupied, vacant, abandoned, and/or a foreclosed property. The annual fee is $10.00 for 1st property and $1.00 for each additional property.

Enclosed you will find:

We ask that you please take your time and read through all the enclosed documents and review the City Ordinance prior to submitting your registration forms and to be sure that the forms are completed in their entirety.

Please be aware that all registrations are due no later than January 1st. If you fail to return the Registration Form by the aforementioned date you shall be subject to a $100.00 fine per City Ordinance 3 ½ – 7.

Registration forms and additional information are also available for download from the City’s website

If you have additional questions, please call the Health Department at 499-9411.

*(If this ordinance Does Not apply to you please contact us)

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