Named Best Assn Website in US!

Ats right, we bad… We’ve worked so hard to keep our website current, relevant and engaging, and it was a fantastic surprise to be recognized as one of the best in the US! We’ve heard the value of the information and tools from Berkshire Realtors, state leaders and now this.

Below is the excerpt from the Realtor Magazine Article… and

Berkshire’s Web site shows what a smaller association can achieve when it invests in a feature-rich online content management system. Substantial back-end organization built around “page items” enables staff to post new articles that appear on all relevant pages (not just one) and expire when the content is no longer applicable. This system also features menus and submenus that update automatically as content is added, making the tedious process of posting, removing pages, and manually cross-linking obsolete.

“Clearly, at this site organization is paramount,” one judge said. “The Web site had good (and surprising) depth and was easy to navigate.”

This fastidious attention to organization extends beyond maintenance of information, into its dissemination as well. Similar to the national association’s setup, Berkshire has a “.org” for members and a “.com” for consumers. The consumer site features open house and Find-a-REALTOR® tools. The separate sites allow the association to better focus on distinct audience needs.

From the judges: “Really loved the committee reports—excellent transparency—and the links at the bottom of each committee report where members could join the committee, make a suggestion to the chair, or get general information for the committee is outstanding!”

“Nice online forms for joining various committees, paying dues, making suggestions—this gives members instant gratification.”

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